The Dr. Jinhan Mo’s group at Tsinghua University maintains a variety of equipment and facilities for our experimental research. Facilities include the JMOLAB in Old Civil Engineering Building, which is 80 square meter for collaborative research. We primarily use the Lab for instrument setup, fabrication equipment of air cleaning materials, particle filtration ducts, material test for gaseous pollution removal.

We also maintain two 30 cubic meter test chamber (stainless steel, and glass), two 3 cubic meter glass test chamber, one ventilation filtration test rig.

Our experimental equipment includes:

Online gaseous analyzers

  • PTR-MS
  • 2B Technologies ozone monitor
  • NOx anyalzer, Thermo Fisher

Offline gaseous analyzers

  • GC-MS (Shimadzu)+Gerstel TDS
  • GC-MS (Agilent) +Mark TDS
  • HPLC (Agilent)


Particle related equipment

  • TSI NanoScan SMPS (10 to 400 nm particles, size resolved)
  • TSI Optical Particle Sizer (0.3 to 10 µm particles, size resolved)
  • TSI Condensation Particle Counter (10 to 1000 nm particles, not size resolved)

Other equipment

  • FLEC (Field and Laboratory Emission Cell)
  • Small scale ventilation duct
  • Gaseous pollutant generator