News and Photo Album 2022

2022-0430, Yuting Gu passed the master defense. His thesis title is “Optimization of electrostatically assisted air filtration structure based on two-stage enhanced charge”. Congratulations to Yuting!

2022-0430, Greeting to Yan Wang for her work entitled “The influence of indoor environmental factors on toluene uptake rate of a tube-type diffusive sampler” being accepted by Journal of Building Engineering.

2022-0427, Taking a photo after a group lunch.

2022-0308, Happy Brithday to Zhuo Chen.

2022-0205, Greeting to Yuting Gu for his work entitled “Efficiently remove submicron particles by a novel foldable electrostatically assisted air coarse filter” being accepted by Separation and Purification Technology.

2022-0112, Enze Tian and Jinhan Mo services as Guest Editors of Atmosphere (IF: 2.686) Special Issue: Aerosols in Residential, School, and Vehicle Environments (

2022-0105, Greeting to Yilun Gao for his work entitled “Utilizing electrostatic effect in fibrous air filters for efficient airborne particles removal: Principles, fabrication, and material properties” being accepted by Applied Materials Today.

News and Photo Album 2021

2021-1231, Greeting to Qiwei Chen for his work entitled “Adsorption film with sub-milli-interface morphologies via direct ink writing for indoor formaldehyde removal” being accepted by Journal of Hazardous Materials.

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