News and Photo Album 2020

2020-0623, Greeting to Yilun Gao. He got the Outstanding Undergraduate Thesis Award from Tsinghua University.2020-YL-Gao

2020-0614, Thanks to Qianying Wu for sharing her on-going study at Stanford University about nano heat transfer.

2020-0610, Greeting to Yan Wang to win the excellent Undergraduate Thesis Award of Central South University, entitled ” Photocatalytic removal of elemental mercury from coal combustion flue gas over mineral materials”, supervisor: Prof. Hailong Li. Yan Wang will join our team in September 2020 for her Ph.D. study.

2020-0606 Greeting to Yilun Gao for his excellent defense of the undergraduate thesis, ranking top 1 in the whole class. 

2020-0605 Greeting to Enze Tian for her work entitled “Electrostatic air filtration by multifunctional dielectric hetero-caking filters with ultra-low pressure drop” being accepted by ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces . 2020,,  中文简介

2020-0527 Greeting to Enze Tian for her work entitled “Assessment of the Qualitative Fit Test and Quantitative Single-Pass Filtration Efficiency of Disposable N95 Masks Following Gamma Irradiation” being accepted by JAMA Network Open. 2020; 3(5):e209961. doi:10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2020.9961

2020-0119 Greeting to Jin Pan for her work entitled “New electrostatic precipitator with dielectric coatings to efficiently and safely remove sub-micro particles in the building environment” being accepted by Sustainable Cities and Society

2020-0103 Greeting lunch with Xueying2020-0103-lunch2

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