News and Photo Album 2022

2022-1117, Greetings to Enze Tian for achieving the funding support by China Postdoctoral Science Foundation. 田恩泽博士获中国博士后面上基金二等资助 (link)

2022-1104, Greetings to Enze Tian for her work entitled “Experimental studies on electrostatic-force strengthened particulate matter filtration for built environments: Progress and perspectives” being accepted by Building and Environment.

2022-1026, Our group name is changed to Air-quality & Energy-saving in Confined Spaces (AECS) “受限空间空气质量与节能”.

2022-1024, Greetings to Zhuo Chen for his work entitled “Partitioning characteristics of indoor VOCs on impermeable surfaces covered by film-phase DnBP and DEHP” being accepted by Journal of Hazardous Materials Advances.

2022-1009, Jinhan Mo with Dr. Bowen Hou (Beijing Jiaotong University) services as Guest Editors of Atmosphere (IF: 3.110) Special Issue: Environmental Noise Prediction, Measurement and Control (link)

2022-0831, Greetings to Ru Xiao for the patent “Air purification piece and air purification module” (US 20200182496 A1) being authorized

2022-0830, Happy Birthday to Yan Wang.

2022-0821, Greetings to Yilun Gao for his work entitled “Electrostatic polydopamine-interface-mediated (e-PIM) filters with tuned surface topography and electrical properties for efficient particle capture and ozone removal” being accepted by Journal of Hazardous Materials.

2022-0712, Greetings to Yan Wang for her work entitled “Prediction and validation of diffusive uptake rates for indoor volatile organic compounds in axial passive samplers” being accepted by Energy and Built Environment.

2022-0612, Jinhan Mo was elected as the Acadamy Fellow of the International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate (ISIAQ).

2022-0526, Yuting Gu passed the master defense. His thesis title is “Optimization of electrostatically assisted air filtration structure based on two-stage enhanced charge”. Congratulations to Yuting!

2022-0430, Greetings to Yan Wang for her work entitled “The influence of indoor environmental factors on toluene uptake rate of a tube-type diffusive sampler” being accepted by Journal of Building Engineering.

2022-0427, Taking a photo after a group lunch.

2022-0308, Happy Birthday to Zhuo Chen.

2022-0205, Greetings to Yuting Gu for his work entitled “Efficiently remove submicron particles by a novel foldable electrostatically assisted air coarse filter” being accepted by Separation and Purification Technology.

2022-0112, Enze Tian and Jinhan Mo services as Guest Editors of Atmosphere (IF: 2.686) Special Issue: Aerosols in Residential, School, and Vehicle Environments (

2022-0105, Greetings to Yilun Gao for his work entitled “Utilizing electrostatic effect in fibrous air filters for efficient airborne particles removal: Principles, fabrication, and material properties” being accepted by Applied Materials Today.

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