News and Photo Album 2021

2021-0727, Dr. Jinhan Mo has been invited as an editorial board member of Atmosphere (IF 2.686).

2021-0727, Greeting to Yilun Gao for his work entitled “Electrical responsive coarse filters endowed by high-dielectric-constant surface coatings towards efficient removal of ultrafine particles (UFPs) and ozone” being accepted by ACS ES&T Engineering.

2021-0719, Greeting to Enze Tian getting the excellent PhD student award at the International Conference for Global Chinese Academia on Energy and Built Environment (Chengdu, China), 2021.2021 田恩泽获CEBE 2021优秀博士生奖

2021-0616, Greeting to Enze Tian for her work entitled “Ultralow resistance two-stage electrostatically assisted air filtration by polydopamine coated PET coarse filter” being accepted by Small.

2021-0616, Greeting to Qiwei Chen for his work entitled “Experimental and modeling investigations on the adsorption behaviors of indoor volatile organic compounds in an in-situ thermally regenerated adsorption-board module” being accepted by Building and Environment.

2021-0601, Greeting to Fanxuan Xia for his work entitled “Fast fabricating cross-linked nanofibers into flameproof metal foam by air-drawn electrospinning for electrostatically assisted particle removal” being accepted by Separation and Purification Technology.

2021-0531, Group lunch at a Xinjiang restaurant. 20210531-lunch

2021-0518, Enze Tian passed her Ph.D. oral defense. Her thesis title is “Research on the Filtration Mechanism of Electrostatically Responsive Air Coarse Fibers for Indoor Particulate Matter”. Congratulations to Dr. Tian!

2021-0515, Dr. Jinhan Mo serves as an editorial board member of Scientific Reports.

2021-0506, Happy Birthday to Yuting Gu and Yilun Gao2021-0506-GYT and GYL Birthday

2021-0323, Happy Birthday to Fanxuan Xia

2021-0308, Happy Birthday to Zhuo Chen.

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