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Spirit: How to Have a Bad Career in Research/Academia 研究生如何拥有糟糕的科研生涯; How to Pick a Graduate Advisor 如何选择研究生导师; How to Do Great Research 如何做好的研究

Writing: WantWords万词王; WikiDiff 英文区别

Color: ColorDrop很好用的配色网站 (介绍视频); Adobe Color颜色对比分析器; 自己收集的配色

Tutorials for Data Analytics, Scientific Research, Big Data Analysis, and Healthcare Analytics and Statistical Analysis:; 数据处理分析网站(入门ABC)

Data Source: China Patent中国专利下载; Academic Accelerator期刊检索

在线绘图工具: 鼠小弟; 图图云分析

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Material related Journals

Energy and Environmental Journals

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